The hallmark of Coral Fabrics is PERFORMANCE!

It is our heritage and tradition … Coral’s fabrics are designed to meet the performance specifications for textiles in Healthcare, Corporate, Educational, Institutional, and Government environments. We test to, and comply with, the standards of the ACT (Association for Contract Textiles).

Following is a list of our performance testing by textile category:

Test Category Test Method / Standard / Guidelines Drapery Upholstery Vinyl
Flammability California Fire Marshal Title 19
IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 7
NFPA 701 - 2010 Edition Test Method #1
BIFMA Class 1
California TB 117 Section E
MVSS 302
NFPA 260 A
UFAC Class 1
IMO FTP Code Part 8
New York & New Jersey Port Authority
Anti - Bacterial
Anti - Microbial
Mildew Resistant
Moisture Barrier
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4157
Adhesion ASTM D751
Crocking (Color Transfer Test) AATCC 8
Colorfastness to Light ASTM G 26-96
Pilling Resistance ASTM D3511
Physical Properties Test Method / Standard / Guidelines Drapery Upholstery Vinyl
Seam Slippage ASTM D 4034-95
Seam Strength ASTM D751
Scratch Resistance
Sulfide Resistance
Tear Strength ASTM D2261-07
Tensil Strength ASTM D5034
Breaking Strength ASTM D751-06

Special Finishes:

To insure the very best in performance for healthcare and assisted living facilities, restaurants, hotels, and other environments where stain and soil resistance or moisture barriers are required, many Coral fabrics are finished with Nano-Tex, DuraBlock, Crypton, InCase, or Alta. A wide variety are in stock at our distribution center, others may be treated to your specification.

Nano-Tex Nano-TexRepels liquids so they bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric. Fabrics retain their original softness and drape-ability, and remain breathable. Nano-Tex will not change a fabric’s ability to pass NFPA 701 fire code. Fabrics that inherently pass code will still do so after treatment with Nano-Tex. Fabrics finished with Nano-Tex can also be treated to pass other flammability codes. Nano-Tex is environmentally friendly: fabrics finished with Nano-Tex are still recyclable.
DuraBlock DuraBlockProvides a moisture barrier, critical in many healthcare facilities or restaurants. DuraBlock may be combined with Nano-Tex to add soil / stain resistance.
Crypton CryptonFinishing makes fabrics super stain resistant, creates a moisture barrier, adds strength, durability and breathability, and provides antibacterial protection.
INCASE INCASEWas created specifically for upholstery fabrics to provide a combined solution of “repel and release” stain technology and microbial resistance for the life of the fabric. INCASE® does not change the hand or color of the fabric.
Alta AltaA state-of-the-art finish that is specifically formulated to meet requirements for fabrics in very specific spaces. Alta can provide all (or combinations of) flame resistance, durability, moisture barrier, soil and stain repellency, and antimicrobial protection, as required.

Cleaning With Bleach:

Bleach cleanable fabrics can be cleaned with a dilute solution of household bleach in the specified ratio. A 1:10 diluted solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) satisfies the Center for Disease Control’s recommendation for disinfecting a surface. It is imperative that textiles be flushed with clean water after the application of a bleach solution.

Fabrics woven with solution dyed fibers and high-energy dyed polyester have strong colorfastness when cleaned with a bleach solution. PVC and Polyurethane vinyls can be treated to withstand both bleach and high concentrations of rubbing alcohol.

Many bleach cleanable fabrics have additional stain resistant and antimicrobial finishes, and moistures barriers such as DuraBlock or Crypton. This combination of performance features makes them the standard for hospital facilities and food service environments.